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Designed and Made in Canada.

Performance, luxury & value go hand in hand

Who says uniforms have to be boring?

This is where style meets functionality

We've got you covered at work.

Customer service is our back bone

Our commitment is simple:
we stand firmly behind every garment we produce.

The blackwood (Mpingo) tree is highly prized wood, strong and beautiful; its properties being exceptional for fine detail and brilliant polish. Truly an appropriate synergy since our – “Blackwood” brand means acute attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection for our culinary and hospitality partners.


Maverick Collection

Womens Chef Jackets

Unisex Chef Jackets

Chef Pants

John Van der Lieck, Owner, Oyama Sausage Co.


Meet Maverick, where style meets functionality. Maverick offers all the comfort and quality we are known for along with fashionable features, like denim and leather to help express your team and tell your story.

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We’ve Got You Covered at Work

No wonder we’re the culinary apparel and hospitality uniform partner
for some of the top restaurants and hotels in Canada.

From chef coats and hats to aprons and uniforms, we have proudly earned our reputation by consistently serving high quality products at the best value paired with attentive one-on-one service. After all, customer service is the backbone to Blackwood.